Project Types

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Is Richardson Steel, Inc. right for your project? Below is a list of Project Types that we are well versed in completing.

OSHPD & DSA Projects

Hospital and school work have some of the most stringent quality control requirements that any steel fabricator will ever encounter. Richardson Steel has recently completed dozen of OSHPD & DSA projects and fully understands their requirements and how to ensure the project is completed correctly and on time.



Commercial work is our bread and butter. Whether the project is new construction or a tenant improvement, steel framed wood framed or concrete it just doesn’t matter.


Projects involving retail establishments often present some unique challenges including working around customers, access restrictions and even night work. Richards Steel does not hire and outside erector and chooses to install everything with our own employees. Therefore you can be confident that the work will be completed correctly


Construction of residential developments is difficult. Homeowner’s associations, banks and insurance companies have their own perspective on the projects. Richardson Steel understands each decision maker’s role and requirements. We understand OCIP & CCIP requirements and also carry a special residential rider for our liability insurance which allows us to perform a nearly unlimited amount of residential work without violating the provisions of our insurance.

 Single Family owner/contractor
We understand that most owner/contractors are not construction experts, and we do not expect you to be. We also understand that construction projects are stressful and never seem to proceed perfectly according to plan. Richardson Steel will assist you in coordinating our portion of your project with your Architect, Engineer and other trades in order to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible.

 High end construction
If you are building and extremely expensive home, you should be able to receive exactly what you want. Whatever that may mean. Custom finishes, no problem Architectural steel, no problem. Design changes, no problem. The customer decides what they want and it is our job to provide it. Rarely, we are asked to perform work that we know we cannot satisfactorily perform. On these occasions, we will let you know immediately  and will attempt to help locate a company that is capable of performing the work.